Vcare Rural Education Academy

Rural Education

People living below poverty line — The unemployed, farmers, agricultural coolies, and the ones who earn just a few thousands of rupees after hundreds of work days – can hardly afford to send their children by bus or van to schools located 20 km away in nearby towns. Typically, they just manage to send their kids to a school within the village, that too, a couple of kilometers away from their dwelling place. Sadly, such Village-based schools have very low pass percentage.
L.N. Puram Panchayat consists of around five villages. It has a school that offers education only up to eighth standard.
VCare’s Rural Education Academy lends a helping hand to village students by compensating for education facilities shortages. Currently it offers evening classes throughout the year in English and Maths subjects.
A major problem among village students is that even the graduates are not able to speak proper English. In a bid to come up with a solution, we invited Mr. Pazhamalainathan — the Principal of Chengalpet-based Vidyarth English Academy — and organized a Spoken English Summer Camp in May, 2014. More than 50 students, ranging from 6th Standard passed learners to degree holders, participated with enthusiasm and reaped the benefits. To upgrade this to a full-fledged course, the academy is now conducting weekend Spoken English classes throughout the year.
With the goal of offering Vocational Training, the center also conducts tailoring classes for mothers and young women.
To encourage sports activities among rural youth, the academy provides resources such as sports equipments and facilities. It also motivates local youth participating in state-level sports events.
Educational tours are also arranged, either at the end of the academic year or in the middle.
To improve the career competencies of village youth, the academy offers special programs designed to impart leadership qualities, general knowledge, and computer education.
General knowledge is essential to be prepared for all competitive exams, ranging from Group 4 to IAS. Moreover, proper Computer Education is vital in these days of rapid advances in Information Technology. However, rural youth are lacking in these areas for want of facilities.
Future Plan:
As there is a scarcity of space, we are planning to set up a 5,000-square-foot Education Center with a seminar hall for PowerPoint Presentations, a Computer lab and library, along with Smart Classrooms. The land for the proposed Education Center has already been acquired and set aside by VCare.
We are also planning to launch transportation facilities for students who are travelling to close by cities for school or higher educational institutions. The plan is to cover a radius of 10 km to facilitate educational transportation of students to nearby locations.