Vcare Rural Primary Health Centre

vcare rural health

L.N. Puram Panchayat consists of five villages. As it used to be a Panchayat with no hospital facilities, people had to travel hours to a nearby town to see a doctor.
Considering the plight of the rural people, VCare stepped in and started a Primary Health Centre.
First Aid and treatment facilities are now being offered through the appointment of a qualified nurse named Shalini Alamma Joseph. She is basically a nun with years of experience working in UP for the Physically Disabled.
Basic tests such as those for BP and Blood Sugar checks are being offered for free, along with counseling on further course of action.
VCare’s Health Centre also provides people in nearby rural areas with free medicines.
Apart from offering First aid, the centre presents methods for Disease Prevention and Treatment so that the symptoms can be stopped from deteriorating to full-blown stages.
The Health centre organizes special camps to diagnose and treat medical conditions relevant to heart, eye, sugar, cancer etc.
On Saturday, 3rd May, 2014, a medical camp was held in partnership with Sankara Nethralaya. The event was announced to 20 villages in and around the neighborhood through pamphlets, banners etc.
Doctors visited the Health Centre and carried out on-the-spot diagnosis of eye conditions.
Vans were arranged to bring people from villages within 10-km radius to the health centre for checkups.
Over 500 persons attended the first medical camp, proving the need and demand for medical care in the region.
Surgical procedures were carried out for 60 persons. The patients were taken to Chennai for surgery at Sankara Nethralaya’s Eye Hospital. The project helped the patients by bearing all costs of the conveyance, including food and accommodation, during the surgery.
Intraocular lens (IOL) worth Rs 15,000 was offered for free to those recovering from eye surgery.
Cooling eyeglasses were offered free of cost to those who underwent eye surgery.
Many had not checked their eye power; the eye camp offered free power checkup for all the participants.
216 persons received Power Eyeglasses for the first time, for free.
Thus, the Rural Primary Health Centre has been contributing in raising awareness and making the rural people participate in medical checkups.
In the same way, the health centre is set to organize many such medical camps to help impoverished villagers.

Future Plan:
As one of the plans for the future, the Primary Health Centre is looking at setting up a separate medical facility with at least four beds. The proposal is to arrange for weekly visits by medical doctors from diverse specialties. The centre is also planning to purchase an ambulance to offer patient pickups and drop-offs during nighttime and medical emergencies.